Customer Testimonials for Auto Stars LLC

MADISON KITCHEN - 2005 vw jetta

I bought a car for my daughter from this dealer in September 2013 and the guy asked me to give e review, I¿m not used to give online reviews but I feel they deserve it, we bought a VW Jetta, it is a good car, he said It may need breaks within few month and offered to replace it or give us a discount, we choose the discount, now it is been two month and it is still fine just a little squealing, the car was not inspected when we tested it, but we were willing to buy, he refused to give us the car until he pass it inspection, we paid a deposit and returned next day, it was washed and inspected, I give them 4 stars because he should have inspected the car before he offer it for sale, we live in Georgetown and we had to return again next day, but anyway the deal was worth it, overall; they were professional and honest plus the price was very reasonable, I would recommend them they are a lot better than other used car dealers out there. (Hide)

Dawn Polanco - 2007 HYUNDAI accent

I bough Hyundai 07 from Auto stars on 04/01/2013 . He took my trade even it was not working right. Gave me a very good deal and did all the paper work himself for me I didn't have to take the car for inspection or anything. Also after I got home I fou... (More)

Windy - Pierce Jaguar X type

There are two reason why I bought two cars from Auto Stars. First, John and his staff are very professional when it comes to dealing with customers. Second and may be most important, John is very honest and he stands behind every car he sells.

Garrett Watson - 2006 Bentley Flying Spur

We Congratulate Mr.Garrett Watson on the purchase of his new Bentley Flying Spur